We are Engaged!!!

Jason asked, and I said yes!

Last Friday night, Jason took me out to dinner.  After dinner, we got in the car and he drove to a spot were we usually hang out during our dates.  It is outside near my apartment and has a pond, a really pretty bridge, fountains, and nice places to sit.  It was a little cold that night so when we pulled up, I asked Jason if we were going to go outside.  He said yes, that it was going to start getting colder soon and we weren’t going to be able to go there much longer.

When we got out of the car and started walking towards the pond, this is what I saw… (the blurry pictures are due to the fact that both Jason and I were really pumped about being engaged!)

To me, the lights looked like part of the landscaping and so I said to Jason, “Wow, it looks like they lit up our path!”  He responded with a slow, “ya…”  As we got closer, I noticed the lights were little tea lights and there were rose petals laid out on the sidewalk.  That is when I knew.  I froze for a bit and Jason told me all these wonderful things about why he loves me, then he told me we had to keep going!

The next thing I saw was more candles and glow sticks spelling out…

“I think you’re great” is the first thing that Jason said to me when he told me that he wanted to date me.  It was so funny to see it written out with glow sticks!

Again, we had to keep moving and up ahead I could see more candles and glow sticks.

This time they spelled out “I love you.”  On either side of the message there were glow sticks sticking out of the ground.  They were to represent fireworks.  Jason knows that I LOVE fireworks!

Jason then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  I said yes!

We spent some time just the two of us being excited that we were engaged (and taking really great pictures) and then Jason asked me if I would like to go to Perkins to get some pie.  Of course I wanted to get some pie!

On our way to Perkins I called my mom to tell her the good news, she said that her and my dad were waiting for the call and were going to meet us!  When we walked in, Jason told the waitress there would be 10-14 people!  He had invited our friends and families to come out and celebrate with us!  It was wonderful to be able to see everyone and share our good news!


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