You guys! We are getting married in 6 days!!!

It has been exactly 3 months since Jason purposed and we are getting married in 6 days!

Planning this wedding has been so wonderful and great.  With experience in planning weddings and other events, I have always dreamed of planning my own wedding, and it has been so much better than I ever thought it would be!  The main reason it is so great is because I get to plan it all with my bff, Jason!

The living room and kitchen table are full of wedding packages and supplies!  Sometimes I wonder how it is all going to get finished but have been reminded that God is in control.  Thank goodness!

My Little Wedding Planning Helper!

The boxes in the Living Room

Hundreds of Little Chairs…

A lot has happened in the three months we have been engaged!  I have a new job, and a new place!  I moved in to what will eventually be me and Jason’s first home and with the help of Peanut, we have been keeping it warm until Jason moves in after the wedding.

We celebrated our first holidays together!  We went to visit my dad’s side of the family near Cleveland, Ohio for Thanksgiving.  Jason got to experience the 12 hour drive with my dad, mom, and me.  Peanut had to stay home for this trip.

Christmas was great!  Jason and I realized how blessed we are to have both our immediate families live so close to one another.  We were able to go to church with both of our families on Christmas Eve and then go out to dinner with my family and back to Adel to open gifts.  Christmas morning we were at the Rude’s.  It was a great time to relax with the family, open gifts, and watch movies.  Christmas night we went back to Adel, where we ate dinner and Hailee talked us through Toy Story 3.

Jason and Hailee (and cat.)

Heather and Me

Little Brody man’s first Christmas!

In between Christmas and New Year’s, Jason and I got the opportunity to go to a church conference in Omaha called Faithwalkers.  We got to spend time with our friends and learned so much!

With all this going on, we have still managed to plan our wedding and we are both so excited to see our friends and family and celebrate with them in 6 days!


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