31 Weeks!

Jason, Max and I are now at 31 weeks.  That means we only have 9 weeks to go until Max is here!  I am so excited for many reasons.  First off, I am just so curious to see what he will look like, how it will feel to hold my own baby, and to see Jason hold him!  Second, I am just so incredibly over being pregnant!  At the beginning I was just so sick.  In the middle, I was still a little sick and then just really tired too.  Now I am still tired, but am starting to get really uncomfortable and as chance would have it, still sick.  (Thank you for holding my hair last night, Jason!)  I also really want to sleep on my stomach again!

With all that said, I really do have so much to be thankful for.  My husband has been incredible throughout my whole pregnancy.  He has served me time and time again and has taken on tasks that I know he would rather not do.  I can’t wait to feel better and be just as incredible back to him.

My friends are also really great!  Because of the free time that I have been blessed with, I have enjoyed lunch dates with Katherine, Nicole, and Beth.  Thank you, ladies, for getting me out of the house and updating me on the real world!  I have also been blessed with having other pregnant friends around me.  It is fun to share stories and comforting to have someone that is going through some of the same things!  It has also prepared me that everyone is different and to not get in a rut of comparing, but to be thankful with what the Lord has blessed me with and to rejoice with my friends in what the Lord has blessed them with.

MaryBeth and I at her shower. (25 weeks for me).

I will have to get some more updated photos as I feel much larger than I look in the picture above!  We had an OB appointment on Tuesday and everything was great!  Max’s heartbeat is strong, he is growing just as he should and I am right on track as far as weight gain.  I just can’t wait to meet him!  
I will also update with photos of Max’s room.  It is coming together quite nicely!


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