Gwenyth 9-10 Month Update


Gwenyth turned 9 months back on May 1st. She went to see Dr. Secory and proved that she has been growing!

Height- 28 1/4in, 76%
Weight- 19lbs 12oz, 76%
Head- 47, 99%

She can now eat anything (except for honey) and has been enjoying eating anything her big brother eats. We went to Pizza Ranch as a family the other day and she was in pizza heaven! She was so happy to be sitting in a big girl chair and eating peas, biscuit, potatoes, chicken, and pizza!






She sleeps in her crib now and is doing so well. We used to hear from her about 5AM to eat, but lately she has been making it to 8:30 or even later! When I first bring her out in the morning, she will scan the room and look for her big brother. She gives him a big (toothless) grin and sometimes even giggles!

She is not yet crawling, but is so close! She has a super reach and can reach most anything by just rocking and scooting, so I am not sure if she is totally motivated to crawl.

Here is a sweet comparison of Max around 10 months and Gwenyth about the same age.


Here are my little chunky babies in the tub around the same age. Look at Max’s chub!!! 🙂



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