We’re having a baby!

Jason and I are going to be parents! On the morning on March 16, we took a test (more like I took a test) and it was positive!  Our first calls were to future grandmothers- Karen and Nancy, followed by other family.  What an incredible thing to share with those we love!

For 24 years, I had never been worried about getting hit by a car in a parking lot or been so aware of babies everywhere (seriously- they are EVERYWHERE!)  But after that test, newly armed with the knowledge that there is a special someone growing inside of me, I have become hyperaware of anything that could harm my baby and super excited to see babies!

Unfortunately the not so great part of pregnancy, the morning sickness, has set in and has been pretty relentless.  Jason has been incredible taking care of me (and Peanut, and the house, and the laundry, and the cleaning and everything else…)  We have been to the hospital twice and have tried everything we can think of or that people have told us that helped them.  Hopefully this will only last a few more weeks and that it will stop when I get into the second trimester.  

Our due date is November 25th!  


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