2 Weeks….

We have two weeks until our next baby doctor appointment and you know what that means?!?!  We get to find out if Baby Rude is a boy or girl!  This whole pregnancy things seems to be going quite slowly, but I feel like finding out the gender is really taking a long time.  Perhaps this is because all of my pregnant friends are at least eight weeks ahead of me and hit all the milestones before me.  One of my pregnant friends (yes, I have several!) will tell me their baby is kicking a lot, or I will see their big belly, or they have their nursery all decorated… I will think to myself, “oh, that will be soon for me!” when in all reality it is at least two or three months away.  Come quickly November!

Here are some random pictures that have been on my camera for a very long time, be sure and check out the honeymoon pictures that I just added to the blog post “I’m a Rude!”

The place cards all set up for our wedding.

The tables without the decorations.  I don’t have on with the decorations and I am super sad about that! 😦

Dad vacuuming!

My awesome friends cleaning all the vases for the tables.

Jason at the airport on our way to our honeymoon.

Our honeymoon milkshakes!

Brody and Uncle Jason at Brody’s first birthday.

Brody Man digging into his birthday cake.

Hailee got her ears pierced!
More of my wedding set up helpers!  Thanks friends!

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