I Work Out

Max got a new gym.  He seems to really enjoy it!  He is constantly trying to put everything in his mouth, so he really likes reaching for the toys and then trying to eat them.  


My Bump!

Here is a promised picture of my baby bump:

Mommy and Max at 22 weeks.

I am now at 23 weeks and he keeps on growing and growing and therefore I feel like I keep growing and growing.  I know this is an inevitable part of pregnancy, going into this I knew that my belly would get bigger (not to mention my thighs and hips) but I guess I didn’t really realize how much this would affect my day to day activities.  Now that I am finally feeling better (I haven’t thrown up for almost 2 weeks!) I have been doing a lot more.  When I drop things, it isn’t really worth it to pick it up.  When I walk for long periods of time, the extra weight takes its toll and I huff and puff a little bit.  Also, going from laying or sitting to standing takes some creativity… Where did my abs go?  I understand this is all part of pregnancy and I am sure that the in the end the pros will outweigh the cons, but I really do look forward to the day where I am no longer pregnant.  🙂

In the past few weeks my bump has really become noticeable.  Most people say that my bump is still on the small side, but yesterday, I encountered a woman who did not make me feel to good about my growing body.  I was at the mall in the Motherhood Maternity store and the associate came over to help me find my size in a basic ribbed tank top.  I told her what size I was pre-pregnancy which I have heard is what size you should get in maternity clothes.  She told me that looking at me, I probably needed to go a size bigger.  I thought to myself that the top looked big, but then reasoned that she was the expert, so I went to try on the top.  It was too big.  I went back to the pile of tanks, got a size smaller and went to check out.  The associate looked at the size of the shirt and then me and shook her head and said, “You realize you got a size or two too small right?”  I told her that after trying on the tops, I was happy with the size that I selected.  She then told me about how she had friends “wayyyy tinier” than me and they didn’t fit into this size.  I looked at her in somewhat disbelief and and told her that this was the size I would like to purchase.  She rolled her eyes and rang up my purchase.  I left the store not feeling too good!  
In positive news, I learned how to knit some really cute baby booties!!!  I will post pictures once I get the ribbon I need to finish the look!  If I can stay motivated on this project, there will be baby booties for everyone!  🙂
One more story before I end my post.  This week our good friends Liz and Drew welcomed their daughter Madilynn Grace to the world!  What a cutie she is!  MaryBeth and I went to visit the new parents and perfect little baby in the hospital.  I was eager to see Madilynn, but also had some alterer motives.  With only about 17 weeks to go, I wanted to see how the new mother was holding up.  I needed to know if someone could actually recover from the act of giving birth to a child.  Liz looked great!  She was smiling, sitting up, talking, laughing, it was great to see she was still the same Liz!  MaryBeth (who has 8 less weeks than I do before giving birth) and I talked about Liz on the way out and were both very encouraged at how the whole birthing process worked out for her.  We seriously had just come to the conclusion that it must not be that bad, when, wouldn’t you know it, a very pregnant woman and her husband walked past us to go into the hospital and she was screaming in agony from what I can only assume were her contractions.  She looked miserable!  MaryBeth and I just looked at each other and then back at the woman.  MaryBeth told me to look away, but it was like a train wreck, I just couldn’t stop looking!  
I guess I will find out in 17 weeks if it is really that bad…

It’s a BOY!!!

A week ago today, we found out that Baby Rude is a boy!  A healthy baby boy too!  It was so fun to see the ultrasound and watch him move around.  We were able to see hands, feet, belly, heartbeat, and his little face!  I love him already!

It has been so fun to actually know a little bit about who is in there and begin to really plan for his arrival.  Jason moved around the furniture in the spare room so we could start organizing all of my finds and all of the fabulous clothes that we have received from Aunt Heather, Jami, and Leigha!  Every time I look at the little clothes, I imagine my little guy wearing them and I can’t help but smile. 🙂

I have been able to feel the little guy move around a lot lately!  Not any crazy kicks yet, but a lot of wiggles!  I am so thankful that he is healthy and growing.  It has been tough to be pregnant, but I feel so blessed to have the privilege to raise a son with Jason.  He is going to be such a great dad!  Our official due date is still November 25th, but he was measuring about a week early… so maybe…

Last weekend Nichole, MaryBeth, Leigha, and I went to Babies R Us.  It was so nice to have Nichole point out the things that MaryBeth and I would need (and Leigha was great comic relief!)  I feel like little by little, I should be ready by the time Baby Rude gets here!

I will try and post some pictures soon of my growing belly and the in progress nursery!

2 Weeks….

We have two weeks until our next baby doctor appointment and you know what that means?!?!  We get to find out if Baby Rude is a boy or girl!  This whole pregnancy things seems to be going quite slowly, but I feel like finding out the gender is really taking a long time.  Perhaps this is because all of my pregnant friends are at least eight weeks ahead of me and hit all the milestones before me.  One of my pregnant friends (yes, I have several!) will tell me their baby is kicking a lot, or I will see their big belly, or they have their nursery all decorated… I will think to myself, “oh, that will be soon for me!” when in all reality it is at least two or three months away.  Come quickly November!

Here are some random pictures that have been on my camera for a very long time, be sure and check out the honeymoon pictures that I just added to the blog post “I’m a Rude!”

The place cards all set up for our wedding.

The tables without the decorations.  I don’t have on with the decorations and I am super sad about that! 😦

Dad vacuuming!

My awesome friends cleaning all the vases for the tables.

Jason at the airport on our way to our honeymoon.

Our honeymoon milkshakes!

Brody and Uncle Jason at Brody’s first birthday.

Brody Man digging into his birthday cake.

Hailee got her ears pierced!
More of my wedding set up helpers!  Thanks friends!