It’s a BOY!!!

A week ago today, we found out that Baby Rude is a boy!  A healthy baby boy too!  It was so fun to see the ultrasound and watch him move around.  We were able to see hands, feet, belly, heartbeat, and his little face!  I love him already!

It has been so fun to actually know a little bit about who is in there and begin to really plan for his arrival.  Jason moved around the furniture in the spare room so we could start organizing all of my finds and all of the fabulous clothes that we have received from Aunt Heather, Jami, and Leigha!  Every time I look at the little clothes, I imagine my little guy wearing them and I can’t help but smile. 🙂

I have been able to feel the little guy move around a lot lately!  Not any crazy kicks yet, but a lot of wiggles!  I am so thankful that he is healthy and growing.  It has been tough to be pregnant, but I feel so blessed to have the privilege to raise a son with Jason.  He is going to be such a great dad!  Our official due date is still November 25th, but he was measuring about a week early… so maybe…

Last weekend Nichole, MaryBeth, Leigha, and I went to Babies R Us.  It was so nice to have Nichole point out the things that MaryBeth and I would need (and Leigha was great comic relief!)  I feel like little by little, I should be ready by the time Baby Rude gets here!

I will try and post some pictures soon of my growing belly and the in progress nursery!


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