Olive Oil

Max and I did some experimenting the other day…  I read that olive oil could help get rid of cradle cap.  Max doesn’t have it too bad, but every now and then it gets bad enough that it bothers me.  I figured that olive oil couldn’t hurt my little man, so I got a bath all ready, undressed him, and set him up on his changing table (his favorite place.)  I poured some oil on to a wash cloth and began rubbing it on his head.  He LOVED it!  It was like a little massage for him.  I should have turned on some calming music and lit candles… 
Max with the oil on his head.  Sorry for the cloudy photo, I think I may have gotten some oil on the camera as well.  Oops!

After the oil got a chance to soak in , we moved to the prepared tub.  Because Max smelled like an italian eatery, we shampooed twice!

My big guy in the tub.  I think he was checking out the new tile that Daddy installed in the shower!

The end result was amazing!  After we brushed his head with a soft bristled brush, there was no sign of cradle cap!

He loves being naked!

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