Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I went to add pictures to a post and I chose to add photos from my phone and there was this… How did this happen? Ha! I don’t know what it is, but I kind of like it. 🙂

A Rude Christmas

Highlights of this year’s Christmas included it being Gwenyth’s first, celebrating with all of the Rudes, continuing the Christmas Eve tradition with the Stopek’s, and a relaxing Christmas morning at home, just our family of four.

I wish I would have taken some more pictures, but here are a few!

Gwenyth in her new hat from her daddy!

Cousins at the table in the Christmas jammies!

Our relaxing Christmas morning!

Another one.  She is too cute!
We started a family tradition last year that on Christmas morning I cook some type of breakfast casserole. Last year, I did a sausage and egg bake. This year I made a French toast casserole. It was delicious! You can find the recipe here: http://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/2012/10/01/overnight-cinnamon-baked-french-toast-casserole/

Coloring and the End of the Bink

We have officially said goodbye to Max’s bink!  Max was very attached and we decided that when he turned two, we would get rid of it.  Well, right after his birthday, he got an ear and sinus infection.  How cruel to take away the bink at a time like that, right!?!?

Preparing for a huge battle, I decided that the morning, well before nap time or bed time, would be the best window of opportunity.  Some of our friends have had luck with cutting a slit down the middle of the pacifier and then the kids weren’t interested anymore.  We gave this a try and it worked with GREAT success!  Max tried the “broken” bink and handed it back to me.  I told him that it was broken.  He really didn’t even get that sad about it!  He wanted to carry it around for a bit, but gave up on that by bedtime!  So thankful with how smoothly this transition went!

Here are a few photos of our bink-less guy!

Max has been really into coloring lately.  We started school a couple of months ago and he was introduced to more coloring and other types of crafts.  He really enjoys coloring books and often asks for his “colors.” 

Max and I went on a date to the Pizza Ranch!  We had a great time!

Showing me that his belly was full!

Church clothes

I love this guy!

The Christmas Train

Valley West Mall had a special event the other night for families to ring in the holiday season!  There may have been cookies, balloon animals, Santa, and crafts; but we were there for one reason… FREE TRAIN RIDES!

Max had noticed the train earlier in the week and I had to tell him it wasn’t open yet.  I read a sign posted that said it would be opening on Friday and that the celebration included free rides!  Jason and I were so excited to bring the kids!

Gwenyth enjoying her “ride”

Max waiting for his turn!

All strapped in!

Big guy “driving” the train!

We have a two year old!

It seems like with having Max’s birthday party a couple of weeks before his birthday, that we have been celebrating for a very long time! What’s not to celebrate though about this wonderful boy turning two!
Year two was a big year for Max! He moved from his crib to a toddler bed, traveled out of state, learned some great dance moves, and became a big brother!
Max continues to grow and weighed in at 30.4 pounds putting him in the 76% for weight and measured at 35 1/2 inches, placing him in the 85% for height! I think it is his healthy appetite that is helping him climb the charts!
We are loving this big guy!

Max and Jason at our family birthday dinner for Max.  Coloring and Pizza, what more could a two year old ask for?

Max and his favorite little sister!  She hasn’t even tried to steal any of his birthday presents! (Yet…)

Trick or Treat

Max really got a kick out of trick or treating this year!  Once he realized he was getting candy, you couldn’t slow him down!  (Even though he got a door opened in his face at the very first house!) 

Gwenyth picking out a pumpkin!

Spiderman and his first candy bar!
Captian America (Cousin Brody) and Spiderma on the move!

Cinderella (Cousin Hailee) and Spiderman getting some tasty treats!

Trick or Treating in my hometown of Adel means a stop at the fire station. For most kids, it is a chance to get warm, eat some popcorn and sip on hot cocoa. For Max, it was the most awesome thing ever! He was climbing in all of the trucks and even got a ride in the fire truck from his Uncle Bobby!

Happy, happy kid!

Grandma Karen’s new dog, Bruno came along!

Max the Cowboy

Last Saturday, we celebrated Max’s second birthday with a party out at my parent’s house!  There were horse rides, kittens to cuddle, puppies to chase, and tractors to drive!  Thank you to all that came to help Max celebrate!

Max driving the tractor

Max on Misty, our first horse.

Aunt Heather and Grandma Karen helping Max to the arena.

Safety first!  Max loved wearing the helmet!