Gwenyth: 6 Months

Gwenyth hit her half a year milestone on February 1st. Time has really flown by with her, and it is really crazy to think she is half way to a year!!!

Here are some things to know about Gwenyth:
Not being center of attention.
Eating from a bottle.
Getting her ears pierced. 😦

Being swaddled to go to sleep.
Big brother, Max.
Dad and Mom giving her two on one attention.

Height: 26.5 (73%)
Weight: 17lbs 6oz (72%)
Head: 45 (99%)

Someone is admiring themselves at their checkup!

My sweet, sweet girl!

This is a rare moment in our house that I wanted to share with all of you. 😉 Soak it in, it may never happen again.

She knows she is just too cute!

Super baby, spying on daddy!

We are ready for warmer weather!!!

3 Years!

Three years ago, I said “I do” to Jason! What a man! I am so in love with him. He is an incredible husband and he shows me he loves me day in and day out. Max and Gwenyth are very blessed to have him as a father. He is a great provider, role model, and such an amazing example for them to follow! Three years ago, I would have known we would be happy and still so in love, but I could not have imagined how absolutely wonderful it would be to do life with this guy!!! I pray for many, many more years with my main man!

Our Wedding Day, February 2011
August 2012
October 2013

Also, in case you thought you had the best friends, you are wrong… We do! Ha! Here is the proof. There is nothing like a flash mob at your wedding reception! Thank you to all of you, you know who you are! 🙂

Gwenyth is Four Months!

Gwenyth turned four months on December 1.  She is a growing girl; here are her 4 month stats:
Weight: 14 lbs 13 ounces- 65%
Height: 24 3/4 inches- 62%
Head: 42 cm- 86%

One of my favorite pictures that Rachael took for our family!

Daddy’s little girl!

Just us gals!

Some interesting facts about Gwenyth:
She loves getting talked to and smiled at, a lot!  Especially when it is her daddy doing the talking!
Believe it or not, she does not get annoyed or frustrated with her older brother, she adores him and gives him plenty of smiles and giggles!
She is a little lady with a big voice!  She is not timid to tell anyone around her what she wants.
She likes to take her pacifier, but often prefers to be chewing on her fist or fingers.
Swaddles are her (and my) best friend, without being swaddled, she will not sleep!

Gwenyth and Max hanging out in chairs.

This is the view I get while Gwenyth is eating.  She is a happy girl!

Go State!

The sweetest little girl.

Does it get any better?

Gwenyth Nancy Rude

Gwenyth Nancy Rude was born August 1, 2013 at 8:07am. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 19 1/2 in long.

Gwen has been such a delight! We have really enjoyed getting to know her!
The morning of the first, Jason and I drove to the hospital for our scheduled c section around 5am. Max was spending the night with grandma Karen and had been dropped off the night before so Jason and I could enjoy a little date just the two of us.  It was so relaxed compared to Max’s c-section because with Max, my water broke and we were in a mad dash to pack our bags and get to the hospital.  This time, we had our bags ready, and I even had time to curl my hair and put on makeup!  

Before we left the house, I had Jason take a picture of a very pregnant me because I wanted to remember just how big I was!
I was in the operating room by 7:30am.  I got my spinal and we waited, waited, and waited.  The spinal didn’t take and they told me I would have to go under.  Realizing that Jason was not going to be able to be in the room and that I would “miss” the birth of our daughter, I started to cry.  I was really bummed.  It didn’t take very long to knock me out and the next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room to the nurse calling my name.  I had a very sore throat but managed to ask where Jason and Gwen were.  They were in the nursery and would be right down.  I couldn’t wait to meet my daughter!!!

Dad and daughter hanging out in the nursery!

Meeting for the first time!

Our family of three before Max and Jason went to go get Gwen from the nursery.

About to meet baby sister!!!

We had many visitors during our hospital stay and all in all, things went very well!  It is almost like a retreat to be in the hospital and have the nurses take such good care of you.

Grandma Karen with all of her grandchildren!

Liz (and Lilah), Maddilynn and Drew holding Gwen!

MaryBeth, Chris and Addison.  Addie loved baby Gwen!

Gwen with her friends, the Halls!

Trying to recreate a picture we took of Max before leaving the hospital.

Ready to go home! 
Since being home, I have recovered from the c-section and we are getting a handle on having two kids.  (Two kids is more than double of one kid… I was never good at math, but trust me on this…)
Max loves his baby sister and gives her plenty of kisses… when he is not poking her eyes. 
We love Gwen and are enjoying getting to know her more and more!

Our first outing to the mall.

Jason is really getting this”two kids” thing down!

At 7 weeks, Gwen is now smiling at me and Jason.  We have her two month checkup on October 1st and look forward to being told how healthy she is!

18 Months!

What a milestone! Happy 18 months to my little man and happy 18 months of parenting to Jason and I! 

Max is such a pleasure to be around! I am so thankful that I get to stay home with him now! Thanks to my hubby for working so hard so that I am able to love on Max every hour of every day!

So much has happened in the 6 months that have passes since I last blogged!
Max has had two haircuts! One in February and one at the beginning of May. He was much better the second one around which I owe much to the lollipop in his mouth! 
He has his checkup tomorrow and I am anxious to see how much he has grown. He is wearing clothes ranging from 18 months to 2T. 
Max’s first word was dog. He loves all dogs, especially our Peanut. Every time there is a dog on sight, Max let’s us know!

Max also says shoes. I believe he learned this one because he realized when people put on shoes, they go outside! He loves the outdoors and could be out there all day long!
Other words include cheese, socks, daddy, baby, ball, and book among others. 
Max loves to read books and his newest book is all about welcoming home a little sister! We don’t think Max has quite the grip on what is going to happen come August when his sister is born, but we hope to prepare him the best we can. When asked where the baby is, he does point to my tummy!
He also has helped start to set up her room and put away her clothes! We were given a lot of clothes and have also come across some great garage sale finds! I do love garage sales and tis the season!
Looking forward to a great summer of playing outside and preparing for little sister! Happy 18 months Max Robert Rude!

12 Months = 1 Year! (Very, Very, Belated…)

Those who know me, know I dislike math to a very high degree.  These are some numbers, however, that bring me joy!

12 Months in Numbers
2,065 Bottles or Nursing Sessions (Rough Count 😉
912 Wardrobe changes (Counting jammies!)
4 Teeth
1 Thanksgiving
1 Christmas
3 States (Max has traveled to Nebraska, Missouri, and well, he lives in Iowa)
100 Food Pouches (Very happily eaten!)
1,825 Diaper Changes (not exact, but probably pretty close!)
15 Super fun cousins!
9 Cool uncles!
7 Loving aunts!
4 Wonderful great-grandmas!
2 Fabulous grandmas!
2 Awesome grandpas!
2 Very Proud Parents
1 Super Great 1-Year-Old
Max at 1 year!

Max at 9 months!

Max at 6 months!

Max at 1 week!
Happy Birthday, Max! 
(also thank you to for all the photos!!!)