18 Months!

What a milestone! Happy 18 months to my little man and happy 18 months of parenting to Jason and I! 

Max is such a pleasure to be around! I am so thankful that I get to stay home with him now! Thanks to my hubby for working so hard so that I am able to love on Max every hour of every day!

So much has happened in the 6 months that have passes since I last blogged!
Max has had two haircuts! One in February and one at the beginning of May. He was much better the second one around which I owe much to the lollipop in his mouth! 
He has his checkup tomorrow and I am anxious to see how much he has grown. He is wearing clothes ranging from 18 months to 2T. 
Max’s first word was dog. He loves all dogs, especially our Peanut. Every time there is a dog on sight, Max let’s us know!

Max also says shoes. I believe he learned this one because he realized when people put on shoes, they go outside! He loves the outdoors and could be out there all day long!
Other words include cheese, socks, daddy, baby, ball, and book among others. 
Max loves to read books and his newest book is all about welcoming home a little sister! We don’t think Max has quite the grip on what is going to happen come August when his sister is born, but we hope to prepare him the best we can. When asked where the baby is, he does point to my tummy!
He also has helped start to set up her room and put away her clothes! We were given a lot of clothes and have also come across some great garage sale finds! I do love garage sales and tis the season!
Looking forward to a great summer of playing outside and preparing for little sister! Happy 18 months Max Robert Rude!


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