Gwenyth is Four Months!

Gwenyth turned four months on December 1.  She is a growing girl; here are her 4 month stats:
Weight: 14 lbs 13 ounces- 65%
Height: 24 3/4 inches- 62%
Head: 42 cm- 86%

One of my favorite pictures that Rachael took for our family!

Daddy’s little girl!

Just us gals!

Some interesting facts about Gwenyth:
She loves getting talked to and smiled at, a lot!  Especially when it is her daddy doing the talking!
Believe it or not, she does not get annoyed or frustrated with her older brother, she adores him and gives him plenty of smiles and giggles!
She is a little lady with a big voice!  She is not timid to tell anyone around her what she wants.
She likes to take her pacifier, but often prefers to be chewing on her fist or fingers.
Swaddles are her (and my) best friend, without being swaddled, she will not sleep!

Gwenyth and Max hanging out in chairs.

This is the view I get while Gwenyth is eating.  She is a happy girl!

Go State!

The sweetest little girl.

Does it get any better?

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