Coloring and the End of the Bink

We have officially said goodbye to Max’s bink!  Max was very attached and we decided that when he turned two, we would get rid of it.  Well, right after his birthday, he got an ear and sinus infection.  How cruel to take away the bink at a time like that, right!?!?

Preparing for a huge battle, I decided that the morning, well before nap time or bed time, would be the best window of opportunity.  Some of our friends have had luck with cutting a slit down the middle of the pacifier and then the kids weren’t interested anymore.  We gave this a try and it worked with GREAT success!  Max tried the “broken” bink and handed it back to me.  I told him that it was broken.  He really didn’t even get that sad about it!  He wanted to carry it around for a bit, but gave up on that by bedtime!  So thankful with how smoothly this transition went!

Here are a few photos of our bink-less guy!

Max has been really into coloring lately.  We started school a couple of months ago and he was introduced to more coloring and other types of crafts.  He really enjoys coloring books and often asks for his “colors.” 

Max and I went on a date to the Pizza Ranch!  We had a great time!

Showing me that his belly was full!

Church clothes

I love this guy!

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