Wordless Wednesday


Max Rude, One of a Kind!

As promised, here are the stats from Max’s 9 month checkup:

At 9mo 9days, Max weighed in at 22lb 11oz (78%), he was 30.5in (96%), and had a head circumfrance of 46.5cm (79%).

We love him and are so excited in all the ways he has been growing and learning!  He has his first tooth trying to make its way in and he has also began crawling… kind of!  🙂  Max will get on all fours and then flatten out on his tummy and army crawl to wherever he would like to go, and I mean WHEREVER he would like to go! 😉

Last weekend, our great friend Rachael Hall, took pictures of Max and our family.  Rachael is so talented and we are ecstatic at how she was able to capture Max’s personality in these photos!  Her website is www.rachaelmariaphotography.com.  For your enjoyment, here are a few of my favorites (I have so many favorites!!!)

Those chunky legs are my favorite!!!

Some really handsome guys!

Those legs!!!

This is a classic Max look!  Such a good guy!

This one made Jason and I laugh out loud!!!  What is he doing?

Such a nice wave!

Is he in 2nd grade or something?

I think he loves me?


I love him!

Our little family!

Max is 9 Months!!!

Max has his 9 month check up coming up on the 20th, but until then here is what Max has been up to this past month!

One of the highlights of this past month was that Max went on his first Rude Family Vacation!  Jason stayed behind to work and to work on finishing our basement, but Max and I joined the majority of the Rudes on vacation in Branson, MO.  There was a lot of swimming, getting kisses from aunts, and even a trip to the Dixie Stampede!

Max sat in the cart like a big guy for the first time in Branson!

Max with some other handsome Rude boys!
Max wanted everyone to know who he is rooting for in the Olympics!
We went to BBQ with TJ, Julia, and Jessica.  Max was pumped!

On the way back home!  So excited to see his dad!

We got a bit off schedule while on vacation.  While trying to keep him awake a little longer in order to take his nap on time, Max let me know that he just could not make it any longer and he fell asleep on the floor of the living room!

 We had such a great time on our trip and we’re looking forward to next year with Jason!!!

Max’s Likes and Dislikes at 9 Months:


  • His dad and his mom!  He loves playing rough with dad and cuddling with mom.
  • Scooting around on his belly.  No crawling yet, but we are so close!
  • Food, he still likes anything I give him.  A new favorite are pancakes even though he doesn’t have any teeth!
  • His crib?  Well, I think he does, he sleeps very well in it every night!
  • Big boy jammies! 
  • His cousins!  He is still so entertained by all of them!  We got to spend time with them on vacation and then his cousins on the Stopek side came to visit on Thursday!  We went to the park and Max loved watching them play!
  • The bink.  He is happy as long as he has his bink, especially his new basketball ones!
  • The tub!


  • Waiting for food.
  • When he is in the car and the car stops moving.

I am sure there are more things I will add later!  Just can’t think of all of them right now!

Off to put Max down to a nap!

Three Rudes on the 4th!

As you may know already, the 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday!  It is such a great day to spend with family, you can be outside, and there is no pressure for gifts!  It is a win, win, win!  This 4th was extra special because it was Max’s first!!!  It was so exciting to share this great holiday with him and Jason!

We started off the day by going to the Urbandale parade.  It was super hot so we stood back from the street in the shade, but next year, I expect Max will want to be all up in the parade business!

Daddy got a flag for Max!

Proud to be an American.
My best friend!

After the parade, we went home.  Our little guy was worn out from the morning’s festivities, so he took a nap!

When Max woke up from his nap, we went to pick Jason up after he walked in the Windsor Heights parade and went to the church camp for food, friends and the talent show!

Connor was so nice to take a break from playing with his friends to take a picture with Max.  He did inform me, though, that I should be quick so he could get back to playing!
After the talent show, Jason, Max, and I watched the West Des Moines fireworks!  I think Max liked them almost as much as I did!!!
What a great family to spend a great holiday with!
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7 Months!

Max turned 7 months yesterday!

Thanks, Rachael for this picture!!!

1. Wrestling with Dad.  When wrestling (and even sometimes when he is not) he likes to give sloppy kisses!
2. Sitting on the floor and playing with his toys like a big kid!
3. Eating.  Basically anything.
4. Social gatherings.  He loves watching people, especially other babies!
5. Hugs.  We have a cuddler on our hands!!! 🙂

1. Being alone.  He instantly knows when I have left the room and he is all by himself.
2. Shoes.  We really don’t have any shoes that fit him and when we tried some on at the store, he cried.
3. When the remote or Daddy’s cell phone gets taken away.
4. Getting boogers wiped from his nose.
5. Painfully waiting for those teeth to finally pop through!

Highlights from the last month:

My cousin Hannah, Max and I on a camel!

Maddie and Max

He is standing up like a big kid!!!

This little guy has captured my heart! 

Max is 6 months!

May 11th marks 6 months of having Max a part of our family!  It is hard to believe that our little guy is 6 months!!!  That is half of a year!  He is such a special guy to be around.  His smiles are so genuine and his demeanor is so funny!  He is one little guy who is tough to impress!

Max really loves his dad.  He and Jason will “wrestle.”  Max gets so pumped!  He will start to slap his arms to his sides when he sees that Jason is in the mood to fight.  Jason will growl at Max and Max will scream with delight!  I would say this is Max’s favorite activity at this point in life!

Max has been eating solid food for a little over a month now.  He started with rice cereal and quickly progressed to bananas, pears, prunes, peas, sweet potato, avocado, and oatmeal!  So far he has liked everything!

On Monday, we will go to the doctor for his 6 month checkup.  I will share his stats with you then!

For your enjoyment here are some photos from the past 6 months:

“Birth” Day
Before Leaving the Hospital
Almost 1 Month
2 Months
Almost 3 Months
3 Months
4 Months

5 Months
Almost 6 Months
Happy 6 months to our precious little guy!!!