Max Rude, One of a Kind!

As promised, here are the stats from Max’s 9 month checkup:

At 9mo 9days, Max weighed in at 22lb 11oz (78%), he was 30.5in (96%), and had a head circumfrance of 46.5cm (79%).

We love him and are so excited in all the ways he has been growing and learning!  He has his first tooth trying to make its way in and he has also began crawling… kind of!  🙂  Max will get on all fours and then flatten out on his tummy and army crawl to wherever he would like to go, and I mean WHEREVER he would like to go! 😉

Last weekend, our great friend Rachael Hall, took pictures of Max and our family.  Rachael is so talented and we are ecstatic at how she was able to capture Max’s personality in these photos!  Her website is  For your enjoyment, here are a few of my favorites (I have so many favorites!!!)

Those chunky legs are my favorite!!!

Some really handsome guys!

Those legs!!!

This is a classic Max look!  Such a good guy!

This one made Jason and I laugh out loud!!!  What is he doing?

Such a nice wave!

Is he in 2nd grade or something?

I think he loves me?


I love him!

Our little family!


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