10 Months (and a week!)

Max continues to grow and change every day!  He is so big and currently wears 18 month clothes quite comfortably.  I am really excited about the cold weather because all of Max’s summer clothes are getting to small and I don’t want to buy any more knowing that I have fall clothes in his drawers that fit him!  It is crazy the amount of clothes this boy has gone through.  We now have 4 large plastic totes full of clothes that are too small.

Max is now crawling everywhere.  He started his crawling by getting up on all fours, flattening out on his tummy, and army crawling.  Just this past week, Max has been crawling on all fours as his preferred method.

This kid eats everything!  He loves trying new foods and experimenting with his two teeth that have come in over the past month!

Jason and I are hoping that Max gets back in the habit of sleeping through the night.  Teething and a little cold have meant that Max wants to join us in bed at 4am.

Here are some photos from the past month!

This day, I forgot to put diapers in the diaper bag when I left Max with my grandma!  Poor Grandma Kay had to put him in a towel and then as a last resort, but him in the tub (aka kitchen sink.)  Max loved it and thought it was quite the deal!

Max having his first Panda Express.

Loving every bite!

First time with Spaghetti!

In the big boy cart at the grocery store!

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