Apple Orchard!

Tuesday Max and I joined some lovely ladies for a trip to the Center Grove Apple Orchard.  We had never been to the orchard before and were so impressed with all of the things to do and see!  Here are some photos of our trip!
Max in the corn pit!  That is his friend Madilynn in the background!
Max had so much to look at!
We were trying to get the goat to kiss our fingers.  Max thought it was so funny!
Max in the corn pit again, Nicole had buried his legs!
More of the goats.
We nicknamed this the goat suicide bridge.
This goat reminded me of my pet goat, Clyde, that I had growing up.
Nicole and Clyde.  (And Ashley and Sadie in the corner!)
These baby pigs were my favorite!!!  Max liked them too, he looked at them forever!
Max was a little impatient when we stopped at the “potty barn.”
I love this little man!
There were some crazy chickens there!
Max is wondering what he is doing in a pool of corn.
Liz and Madilynn feeding the goats!

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