It is the last day of January and Max and I just got back from a walk… OUTSIDE!  We walked to MaryBeth and Addison’s house, which we were so pleased to find out takes only 10 minutes, were treated to lunch there, went to the park, and walked back home.

Rumor has it, it is 64 degrees outside!  I believe it.  It was so nice to get some fresh air.  This was our second walk of the winter; our first was with Aunt Julia a couple of weeks ago.  How spoiled are we???

Max enjoyed being outside and seeing his friend Addison.  We even got to see cousins Eden and Brielle on the way back from the park.  The girls were outside playing and were excited to tell Max all about their new bunk beds!

“Mom, I am having such a great time.” 

“This seriously could not be more fun.”

So sleepy after his busy afternoon!

How cute is this little guy?

Peanut hasn’t made an appearance on the blog for awhile. 

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