Expecting Baby # 3!

We are so excited to be expecting baby # 3! Baby is due November 14th, very close to older brother’s birthday.

What has been so fun about this pregnancy so far is that Max really understands that another child is going to join our family. He was a little too young to fully comprehend things with Gwenyth. Speaking of, Gwenyth, she is super into babies right now. Everywhere we go, she points them out. It is important to note that when Gwenyth mentions a baby, it is actually anyone remotely smaller than her. This is too funny when she wants to hold a “baby” that is maybe an inch shorter, a pound lighter, and has more hair than her. I will have to remember that I won’t be able to leave our new baby rolling around on a floor blanket unattended with older sister nearby!

Gwenyth has been told there is a baby in mommy’s tummy, but is a little impatient about when she is going to get to see it!


This was the announcement we made the day after Easter!

In other news, we are excited about the warmer weather! We have had some great days at the park and even got our little pool out! We are looking forward to more outdoor adventures this spring and summer!


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