Lions and Tigers and Bears! Okay, no bears..

What else does one do on January 31st but go to the zoo of course!  Yesterday was another beautiful day in Des Moines; just about 60 degrees or so!  My sister called in the morning and asked if Max and I had plans.  We just so happened to be looking for some.  For Christmas, my grandma got Heather and her family a zoo pass that allows two guests.  Max and I were lucky enough to be those guests!!!
I got Max ready for the day, I don’t know if you can see in the pictures, but he insisted on wearing his “zoo pals” shirt for his first trip to the zoo!
Max started out the adventure being a little bit skeptical.

We had so much fun spending time with Aunt Heather and cousins, Hailee and Brody.  Hailee was telling us all about the animals and Brody was so great at opening all the doors for Max and his stroller!

Aunt Heather, Hailee (age 4), Brody (22 months)
Heather and I grew up going to Blank Park Zoo and it was so fun to be there with our kids!  I felt so grown up!

Max slept through most of the zoo.

Hailee and Brody in a pouch!
Towards the end of the trip, Hailee was hungry, Brody was slowing down, and Max woke up ready for a diaper change.  Good thing the zoo only takes about an hour to walk through!

Max and me.
And…  If you have ever been to the Blank Park Zoo, you know that the red pandas are cute as all get out! Here is a video of Brody attempting to say “red panda!”


4th of July -aka- My Favorite Holiday

A year ago, I remember going to the fireworks at Raccoon River Park and getting butterflies in my stomach when Jason Rude walked by and sat just a couple feet in front of me.  I wanted to sit by him so bad!  This year… I got to spend the whole weekend with him and although I still get butterflies when I see him, this year the butterflies in my stomach have been joined by Baby Rude! A lot can happen in a year, ya know? 🙂

We started off the weekend by celebrating my brother-in-law Bobby’s birthday Friday night.  It was really fun to see the family and I always enjoy seeing my niece and nephew although my nephew was almost unrecognizable in his cool shades!

This is Brody, my nephew.  This wasn’t taken at the party, nor is he wearing his shades, but he is still so cute!

This is a throw back picture of Hailee, my niece, celebrating the 4th.  I think she is about the same age as Brody in the picture above!  So cute!

Saturday, Jason and I got some much needed cleaning done around the house.  We also went over to our dear friends’ John Michael and Rachael Hall’s house to celebrate Rachael’s birthday with some homemade ice cream cake!  To top off the night, we borrowed The Patriot from our friend Marc so that we could really get into the patriotic spirit!

Sunday, my wonderful husband took me to see the fireworks at Jordan Creek.  We got there early and listened to some live music and enjoyed each other’s company.  There were no signs of where the fireworks were going to be shot off, so we didn’t know if we had a good seat but… WE DID!  When the fireworks started, we realized we were in the PERFECT spot!  I had so much fun being right up in the action with my best friend!

Jason and me at Jordan Creek

Monday came and I got to spend some time with some of my closest girlfriends while Jason braved the heat in the Windsor Heights parade.  After the parade we went out to the church camp to help with the festivities our outreach group had planned for our church.  The night was a success!  After the talent show, Jason, our good friend Marc, and I went to get some 59 cent drinks at QT and what would the 4th be without sparklers?  We got back to the camp in time to celebrate with the sparklers and watch the WDM fireworks.

Jason and me at the camp!  With our tattoos!

It was a great weekend!  Thank you to my amazing husband for making my favorite holiday (and 5 month anniversary) very special!