4 Months!

Max is 4 months old today (as you can see from the picture above, it surprised him too)!  What a wonderful 4 months it has been!  We have our 4 month checkup coming up soon and will update you on his stats, but for now, here are some of his likes and dislikes:


1. Putting blankets in his mouth.

2. When daddy growls at him and kisses/pretends to eat his belly.

3. Being naked, or at least just in a diaper.

4. Laying in mommy and daddy’s bed.

5. Lights.  The lamp.  The window.  Anything that is bright.


1. Bottles.  Won’t drink them if his life depends on it.

2. Taking medicine.  He is feeling better, but still on the antibiotic for a couple more days.

3. His hat.

4. Being put down.  He just loves to cuddle!

5. Tummy time.


Boogers, boogers, go away!

Our little guy is sick.  It is so sad, he is so little and there is no sadder sound than his cough.  Along with his cough he has a stuffy nose and had a slight fever.  With help from my mom, sister, and the Mercy Nurse, we have it under control, but I can’t wait till my little guy is feeling his best again!
Still cute even when he is sick!