Gwenyth at 1 Year


We went to visit our awesome pediatrician, Dr. Secory, last week and got two thumbs up on our little Gwenyth!


Height 30 1/4 in 85%

Weight 21lbs 68%

Head 47 1/2cm 97%

She is now able to eat anything under the sun (and probably would!) and can drink cow’s milk too! She is drinking that out of a sippy cup as she never did quite take to the bottle very well. We are down to two nursing sessions a day and hope to be completely weaned in a week or so. Gwenyth is still just rocking four teeth with no new ones in site. Makes for a very cute smile!!

Two days ago, G took her first steps! She still prefers to crawl, but can take about three very wobbly steps in succession. She enjoys standing and will just pop right up in the middle of the floor.

Trouble is coming! 😉



G Full of Firsts!

Gwenyth has been so busy growing up! At 10 1/2 months, she has her two top and two bottom teeth. They decided to all come in at once, so it was rough for awhile, but she is good now!

photo 3

Gwenyth trying to pull herself up on the couch.

Also, Gwenyth learned how to crawl. It was last Tuesday and watching her now, you would think she has been doing this for years! She moves so well and so confidently. She is already starting to pull herself up on things as well, well at least trying to.

photo 1

G’s crawling in action.

Another first was for her to get her nails painted! We attended a friend’s wedding on Saturday and I thought this would be a perfect time to paint her chubby little toes. My friend Liz suggested to put her in an exersaucer so she would be contained. I thought this was a fabulous idea, but we only have a jumparoo. I thought this would work out the same but did not take into account that G loves to jump! She was happily jumping the whole time, so her toes are slightly less than perfect. 😉 There is always next time!

photo 2

Gwenyth’s precious piggys.