Thanks to Frozen, whenever we hear the word “summer”, Max and I break into song! We are going to get gorgeously tan this summer! 😉 We have already packed so much into these first few weeks and I can tell that this will be a very exciting summer of firsts! This is my first full summer with two kids and my first summer with a two year old! (A two year old who likes to run and go places!)

Here are some fun things we have done so far:

This is also the first summer with my big boy using the potty! We are about three weeks in and I am so proud of Max! He is doing very well and seems to enjoy using the potty. It is quite the adjustment to be at the mercy of your child’s bladder, but it is also nice to not have to change two kids’ diapers each day! Yay for Max!

Gwenyth is getting her first teeth. Poor girl seems to be having a rough go at it. I can see the two front, two bottom, and one canine trying to pop through. My baby girl is growing up!


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